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Here are a few of the services I provide below

What I Do

I write about personal finance, lifestyle topics, and career development from my perspective as a black millennial woman. I understand how challenging it is to navigate finances with factors such as student debt, low-paying jobs, and other socioeconomic barriers. However, I still believe that financial literacy can help my generation to make well-informed decisions with money.

When writing content, I speak in a voice that is informative but relatable. I understand most people have read the millions of “50 Tips to Help You Budget” articles and want to see something different, which makes me mindful of creating unique content that hasn’t been done repeatedly.

Here are a few of the services I provide below. If you are interested in working with me, please contact moneythewrightway(at)

Writing and Blogging

I write content for businesses and online/print outlets including blog posts, social media content, press releases, newsletters, quarterly reports, and more. My work has been featured on platforms such as The Financial Diet, Women’s Money Talk, Your Corporate Black Girl, and Money Middletons.

Editing and Proofreading

If you need an extra pair of eyes on your content, you’re in the (W)right place! Get it? Too cheesy? Okay…moving on. I have a sharp eye for detail, and would be happy to look over material for grammar, context, or any other discrepancies.


Do you have a speech, presentation, e-book, or other content that you need help putting into your own voice? I will work with you to understand the tone and message you want to present and write the content accordingly.

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Client Testimonials

[K. Wright] is a blog writer for my business EmpowerU Career Coaching. [She] is very professional and a great writer. Since she has become a blogger for my business, I have seen a 10% increase of viewership on my website. I appreciate the work she does, and would recommend anyone to invest in her services.
Teknesha Robinson
CEO, EmpowerU Career Coaching, LLC
K. Wright is an incredibly intelligent writer who is creative in her articles. She really goes deep on certain topics that pertain to millennial women of color. Whether it’s about money, college, or lifestyle topics, Wright is very ambitious and precise on expressing it in a clear and concise way. Personal finance is a topic she truly is passionate about.
Raymond Mora
Content Editor/Radio Host, Bleulife Media

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