Welcome. This is how my brain works.

Basically, I think most of the reasons people have issues with finances is because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to become financially independent. I believe the most important thing when it comes to finances is independence: having the freedom to do what you want to do. It’s not about having an 850 credit score, or owning the most expensive luxury car, or buying the biggest house. Most of the reasons why people don’t have financial independence is because they fall into the traps of student loan, credit card, and other miscellaneous debt. My goal is to help people gain an understanding of what’s going on, because once that lightbulb goes off, your whole mindset changes.

Once I started looking at different financial resources and asking myself things like: “Well, what is an interest rate, and how does it affect me?” it changed my whole way of thinking. Now I shudder at the thought of ever paying 10% interest on a credit card; it doesn’t make any sense to me, but the reason why a lot of people do pay 10% interest (or more!) on credit cards/loans is because they don’t know what it means. Of course, that’s what banks and corporations want to  happen, because that’s how they make their money.

thinking woman

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The biggest thing for me is education and preventing people from making the same mistakes I made, so they are free to do what they want to do. If I had financial freedom now, or in my 20s, who knows what I would be doing? I probably wouldn’t have gone to the military, or stayed at dead end jobs where I was miserable. More specifically, I feel that my status as a black woman makes it even more important for me to be financially independent, as there are statistics on top of statistics showing that it is my fate to be paid less because of my race and gender. If I can be part of the reason why that lightbulb goes off for just one person, then creating this blog will be a success in my eyes.




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