2017: The Year of the Side Hustle



As financial independence is buzzing on the radar of many, it seems that everybody who is anybody is coming up with ideas to make extra money on the side, whether it’s babysitting, doing hair, or selling home-cooked meals. Punching in at a 9-to-5 for 30 years and collecting a nice pension at the end isn’t as attainable as it was in my parents’ or grandparents’ generation. In my opinion, it is essential to have a backup in the event of an unexpected job loss.

A word of caution: be sure to pick a side hustle that is a fit for YOU. It can be very tempting to get caught up in the hype of others’ success, only to find out the same formula doesn’t work for you. I was a victim of chasing random side hustles when I first separated from the military. I read countless online forums where people gave testimonies of making $1000 to $3000 of extra income per month from doing things like mystery shopping, online surveys, and focus groups. I hastily signed up for as many mystery shopping and focus group sites as I could find. Needless to say, weeks and months went by and the only increase that I saw was the amount of spam in my inbox.  I learned my lesson and decided to stick to what I know, and I’ve picked up a work study position at my university that helps veterans navigate their education benefits.

I know the road block for a lot of people is the idea that there’s nothing you do that’s “good enough” to charge money for. WRONG! Sometimes the things you do may come so naturally that they seem too insignificant to be paid for, but there’s an audience for just about any service or product you can imagine.

Can you clean a bathroom/kitchen/bedroom like nobody’s business? Consider house cleaning on the weekends. Do you love pets? Pick up dog sitting for folks that are going out of town for a few days. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you don’t already have a hustle (or two or three), time to get on it! I guarantee the very thing that you love to do, there are twice as many people that hate doing it…and will pay YOU to do it for them. Genius, eh?

Check out these sites if you need inspiration to find a side hustle:*

Rat Race Rebellion

Watch The Yard


*FYI: Some of the links listed are affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you click and make a purchase. 🙂


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