4 Reasons Why Fees Suck


fees photo

1. They always pop up after you THOUGHT you knew what you would be paying upfront.

We’ve all had those moments where we had an idea of how much we would be paying for a product or service, only to have a sales rep casually mention that there is an additional fee at the close of the purchase. Since you already had your mind set on making the purchase all this time, you’ll likely just roll your eyes and sigh heavily but still accept the charges.

2. They’re “convenient,” but for who???

I let out a nice hearty, sarcastic chuckle every time a “convenience” or “courtesy” fee gets slapped onto a bill that I’m paying. God bless the considerate soul that decided it would be convenient to charge me extra money on top of what I’m already giving them…..

3. They’re often used interchangeably with the term “deposit.” Which one is it?!


When I moved out of my last apartment, I was charged fees for some carpet cleaning and trash removal. I called to ask why the money had not been taken out of the deposit that I paid prior to moving in and I was told that wasn’t a deposit; it was just an administration fee (code word for extra money that the complex gets to pocket).

4. They are virtually impossible to get away from.

Nowadays it seems there is a fee for everything imaginable. If you’re hungry and don’t feel like going out to get food, you pay a delivery fee. Want to buy concert tickets online? Yep, there’s a fee for that too. My service provider even charges a monthly fee for smartphone access. You would have to be the minimalist of all minimalists to avoid paying fees…but now that I think about it, there’s probably a minimalist fee too.

There are plenty more fees I can think of that irk my spirit, but that would turn this post into a mini novel. What are some annoying/unnecessary fees you’ve had to pay in the past?


    • Yes! I remember when I had a checking account with U.S. Bank and I checked my balance every once in a blue moon. I just so happened to check my account one day and noticed that I had been charged a $35 overdraft fee, plus $30 for every day that my account was in the negative. Talk about being heated. It’s no wonder that banks make billions every year on overdraft fees alone.


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