The background on this post comes from what felt like a never-ending search to find a new place after my husband and I moved out of our apartment this past June. We put in our move-out notice in April, and looked everywhere we could think of, but still ended up temporarily homeless and crashing on an air mattress with family and friends during July and August.

There were three separate occasions where we thought we had found the next dream home, only to back out because the landlord/leasing company/living conditions were too shady to ignore. Below are some of the interesting experiences that we came across during our journey.

….Agents who try to sell you on all of the “storage space” in the house, while ignoring significant factors like black mold and holes in the walls.

….When touring a home, they mention how nice the neighbors are, when the neighbors in question are shabby middle-aged men that leer at you as they camp out on the front porch.

….After leaving a house, the next-door neighbor races out to tell you that the last tenants moved out because there was a leak in the living room ceiling that never got fixed.

….The ads boast about how spacious the home is, but when you go see it in person, you feel like it would be more suitable for a cast member of Little Women: Atlanta.

….You finally find the perfect place. You’re weighing your options on moving in, and you’re really leaning towards taking it. Out of curiosity, you open the brand new double-door refrigerator….only to find that the freezer is housing a rotted package of meat, along with an infestation of maggots.

….Just a few of the requirements to be approved for most houses are a 750 credit score, income more than 3X the rent, your firstborn, and 6 drops of unicorn blood.

What weird and/or crazy encounters have you had during the house hunting process?

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