Who’s Paying The Rent?

I have yet to speak on the topic of money and relationships, and one of the reasons why is because it can get pretty heated. There’s one news article after another pronouncing that the #1 cause for divorce is money, and for obvious reasons. Money can be easy to come by, but it’s just as easy to spend up and find yourself strapped for cash. If you get into a relationship with someone whose attitude towards money is the complete opposite of your own, things can go south quickly. Continue reading

Home Ownership: American Dream or Nightmare?


Growing up, I remember my parents moving our family from a small, cramped two-bedroom apartment in an area that was quickly turning into the “hood,” to a 3-bedroom home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. We had a basement, a big backyard to play in, and a driveway where my stepdad would put up a goal for the family to shoot basketball on the weekends. My parents still live in that house until this day, and that house has always been a symbol of stability in my mind. Continue reading

I Deserve It.



I was inspired to write on this topic after seeing a Facebook post by Alanya Kolberg, who specializes in investment educating. She was speaking about how there are many resources available to people based on their status such as food stamps, disability, and even the option to file bankruptcy. She mentioned there is a stigma towards anyone that utilizes those resources, and people are looked down upon for using government assistance Continue reading

Confession: I’m Afraid of my Student Loans.


scared woman

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I am one of many that signed on that fateful dotted line years ago to finance my education. I was in my early 20s and took out several small loans to finish my two-year degree when Pell grants were no longer enough, and I even managed to get my mother to co-sign a loan to help foot the bill for my first semester at a private university. Continue reading